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The Power 
of Good Advice
& Knowledge



Taking Your Investments to
the Next Level

Economic Research Analysis

We give you the technical and analytical support necessary to understand and evaluate the economic effects including the costs and benefits of an investment.

Asset & Liability Management
(Wealth Management)

We do more than help you manage your wealth, we assist in managing financial risks as part of an investment strategy in financial accounting.

Real Estate Management Techniques

We understand that real estate is part of a wealth portfolio and assist you in the proper management and strategic planning of your real estate investment portfolio.

Accounting & Reconciliation of Total Assets & Management

Comparing balances, elements in the portfolio, and overall situation and current strategies for more efficient management.

Business Coaching

Helping fulfill vision and goals through coaching and performance improvement based on over 30 years of business experience and consulting of businesses.

Forecasting & Optimization Timing

We provide features and functionality that expand and enhance or support the current strategy and decision-making.

Portfolio & Financial Products Design

We structure and create portfolios and design solutions that deliver a suitability framework customized to each case. 

Debt Management & Improvement

Through our institutional brand Plan 360 we offer a series of services destined to improve debt and accelerate payments so that you can continue to grow wealth. 

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience of our CEO


Qualified Experts


Million in assets managed by our team


Offices in Orlando, Miami and San Juan



Led By Over

30 Years of Experience

FRA Services is an investment and advisory firm unlike many others. ​We see portfolios as a diversified compound of different types of investments that go from stock market shares and company equity to real estate. 

Our team has experience working with the stock market, real estate, and capital raising of businesses as well as leading several companies. This puts us in a unique position as advisers and consultants being able to manage a variety of services that go from wealth management to business coaching. 

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Institutional Brands

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Let’s Work Together


Ave Ponce de León Ave 1225, 

Suite MZ E1 VIG Tower

Santurce, PR  00907


1000 Brickell Ave. Ste. 335

Miami, FL 33131


200 E. Robinson St. Ste. 1230

Orlando, FL 32801

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